All Purpose

Have you ever experienced being at the right place at the right time whether to help or just to be spared from harm?

Were you just lucky or is there something more?

Do you believe in angels?

“You’re timing is just perfect!” so I’ve been told countless of times. I was there when a friend got his car hit and does not know how to decline the offer to settle. I do not know how to decline an offer either, but my presence was a moral booster, y’know.

I was there when a friend needed someone to do some serious talking with her husband. Just to be clear, it was not I who did the talking  — it was my husband. We were there however because I decided to come late. It was late and yet our timing was perfect.

I was there when he was about to be tempted, not just once but for a couple of times actually. Looking back, it caused fights but thinking about it now, if I was not there he might have folded and gave in.

Who would even thought that being late may spare one from harm? Just because I took time to prepare for a night out and thus causing delay to our friends, one got to find out her car brakes were busted. Had I went to the meeting up place as scheduled, she may have drove it fast like she used to and it would be late for her to know that her brakes were defective.

Now, was I there because I just happen to be there? or something more?

When I was young, I used to pray “Angel of God” before going to bed. Then I grew up and thought that angels were not real or if they are indeed real, they just look after the kids. Now, I do believe in angels. I do not know what they look like but I choose to believe in them just like how I believe in God.

Paulo Coelho’s “Valkyries” reminded me of them. The book which was based on his journey to see his angel made me realize that there is no such thing as coincidence — we happen to be at a certain place at a particular time simply because we are actually meant to be there.

We took the usual route from Kumalarang just because I refuse to get home that fast which led us to see our friend with her car (which was hit) on the side of the road. We dropped by a friend’s house so late at night and when after people had left because I felt the urge to be there even after I declined the invitation and because of it our husbands got into some serious talk. I happen to follow my husband, who was my boyfriend at that time, because a voice says so and I happen to know where to find him despite the odds. I took time to prepare for a night out just because it felt that it was the right thing to do and it was! Of all those instances, I was not there just because I want to but because I was actually meant to be there! These things were little miracles —  maybe not for me but for the people we have touched and I am glad to be God’s instrument.

So the next time you encounter delay or felt the urge to take a different route (to work or home), PRAY. Your guardian angel might be telling you something so you can be safe or perhaps save someone else.






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