Sunday Morning Ritual

Dearest HUSBAND,

I never liked Sundays. For me it is the most boring day of the week! Y’know, there are no great TV shows on Sunday.

BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED. I now LOVE sundays! Sundays allow me to do one GREAT thing with you.

The very firt time I attended a Sunday Worship Service at Pagadian City Alliance Church (PCAC) is already imprinted in my memory. It was a dawn service and a visiting pastor did the preaching. He spoke about God and human’s love. He talked about the ways of showing love to your loved ones and to others. That day I knew it would not be the first and the last time I would attend their services.

I am born and raised in Catholic faith. Never in my entire life that I doubted God’s existence. However, I also did not have that great relationship with the Man above. Many friends have been inviting me to “try” their church and I always try to find excuses why I can’t do so. Back then I believe that RELIGION is never and will never be the basis of your salavation.

One day, I decided to avail one invitation and BOOM! Perhaps it was God’s way of reaching out to me. My first visit at PCAC was followed by many more services. I tried attending dawn, regular and youth services from then on.

The Church’s services taught me a lot of things — from the wonders of God’s love up to creating a Christian community. I wanted to become part of such community and I wanted YOU to be part of it as well. I invited you countless times, I even offered a bargain yet you always say “NO”.

I stopped badgering you. I prayed for you instead. I have been praying for you since we started dating, but that time, I started praying that one day you’d give it a “try” and when you do, God will just miraculously do all the work to make sure it won’t be the last.

It took years.
Iwanted to give up
I wanted to stop praying.
“Perhaps you’ll never exercise the same faith as I do”, so I thought.
But God is so amazing.
Just when I decided to stop hoping you’d join me, the message of the service is about being faithful — being faithful in everything you do — including your prayers.
Hence I continued praying for you.

One night, one invitation came. I thought you’d say No like you always do. But boy was I wrong! You said YES. And I was so happy. I prayed that night that the service the following day would be great so you’d be encouraged to come back a week after — just like me during my first service.

Sunday came. I wrote on my prayer intentions that may it be the first of the many sunday worships we’d attend together. You still came to church with us sunday after that. It was even followed by more services. My heart is filled with joy. Finally, God heard my prayer.

Now, it is YOU who reminds me to prepare for the Sunday service and I am very much grateful for that. I dread Sundays before since it only means Monday’s coming. Who would have thought I’d love sundays more than any other day of the week.

Indeed God works in mysterious ways! Who would have thought that one invitation would change everything!

HE may not answer your prayers right away but believe that HE will in HIS perfect time. Even if it feels like HE is not listening, continue to pray for one day you will just get the answer you have been waiting for.


Peace and Tranquility

Peace and Tranquility

Last December 19, 2015, Hubby and I, together with our friends, decided to visit Samal. It was a day after our wedding and it was also our first time to explore Davao with them. Due to the hectic schedule and desire to unwind, we opted to visit Samal Island.

If you’re in Davao City, you must never miss to see the beauty of Samal Island (although they are separate LGUs). Samal Island is just around 10-15minutes away from Davao if you take the barge from Sasa Wharf to Babak.

We decided to book rooms in Jorona Aquatic Resources and Mountain Spring Resort which is located in Kaputian District, Samal. It is a new resort in the area. In fact, upon our visit they are still doing some improvements in some of their facilities. It has two swimming pools and a jacuzzi. It also has a videoke machine which the guests can use and is located in the gazebo where the guests oftentimes have their meals.

Jorona Aquatic Resources Mountain Beach Resort is a bit far from Babak; and since it was our first time to visit the area, upon arrival at Babak Wharf, we hired a single motor to lead us to Jorona for Php 150.00. Thirty minutes to one hour from Babak, we finally reached the entry point to Jorona Resort. Since the road going to the resort was not yet that accessible, the hotel staff gave us two options: ONE is to transfer to another vehicle (from our van to the available Pajero that will take us to the resort for Php 60.00/ head) OR to take the other road passing a private property where we will pay Php 200.00 for the use of their road. We went with the second option since we cannot just leave the van and the driver for 2 nights on the roadside.

At the Resort’s Entrance Photo by: Sunshine P.

Our room was one of the rooms in the Big House. The said house actually had a total of five (5) rooms. Every room is airconditioned with own private bath with hot and cold shower. Each room also has LED TV with satellite cable. The front desk is also located in the Big House. It has a living room turned lobby, small dining area and the kitchen (for the staff). The structure was actually the old rest house of the owner of the resort which was converted into the main building of the resort when it started its operation.


The Big House. Photo by: Sunshine P.
Just right outside the Big House; Photo by: Sunshine P.
Photo grabbed from Jorona Resort FB Page
The Living Room turned Lobby in the Big House; Photo grabbed from Jorona Resort FB Page

The hotel staff were every accommodating and offered us the biggest room in the Big House. It is good for 4 pax with 2 queen-sized beds. Since there are seven of us, they gave us 2 extra beds. Each extra bed is good for 2 persons.

Room 4. Photo by: Sunshine P.
One big happy family.

Just outside the Big House is the Jacuzzi and the swimming pools. The guests can use the pool from 5AM-9PM.

Photo by: Sunshine P.
Photo by: Sunshine P.
Photo grabbed from Jorona FB Page

Few meters away from the pool is the Malayan Guest house. It is a two-storey building for their dormitory-type accommodation. The first floor of the Malayan House have 14 beds with shower rooms and bathrooms are found just outside the room. The 2nd floor have 16 beds with private bath.

The Malayan House. Photo grabbed from Jorona Resort FB Page

The guests may have their meal served at their room or they may opt to use the mini dining area at the Big House (if they want). Most of the time, the meals are served at the Gazebo located near the beach and the resort’s entrance.

The Gazebo. Photo grabbed from Jorona Resort FB Page
Photo by: Sunshine P.

Their specialty dish is the Sinigang na Bangus. They also have huge food servings. In fact we were not able to consume all our orders during our dinner that we asked the hotel staff if they can store it and then just heat it up for our breakfast the next day. They agreed and informed us that they will however charge a small fee to “re-heat” the food (which was just OK for us).

Guests can use the videoke machine while waiting.

Photo by: Sunshine P.

Aside from videoke, one can also unwind at the beach side while waiting for the food to be served.

TIP: They really take time in serving the food so it is best to order it ahead of time. It may take long for them to serve your order but the food is really good, which definitely worth the wait.

Low Tide
Hanging by the beach
Just Chillin’

On our last night at the resort, the resort staff allowed us to use their Resort Bar. Obviously it was not yet open for hotel guests to use but because they wanted us to have the best Jorona Resort experience they allowed us to stay at the bar for few hours (the staff’s shifts ends at 9:30PM hence they have to close the bar at that time).

The Hotel Bar had a homey feeling. A not so huge hall with different kinds of wines.


Photo by: Sunshine P.


We left Jorona on December 21, 2015 around 6AM. The Hotel staff asked us the night before our departure regarding our check out time. Even if their shift starts at 8AM and we have already settled the bill the night before, they were already at the front desk when we started to move our stuff to the van. Yes, they have to be there partly because they have to check the room upon check out but it was also because they wanted to bid farewell.

Jorona Resort was indeed far from the center of the Kaputian District but it was worth the distance. It offered peace and quiet. The place definitely allowed us to relax after a busy week.

Photo grabbed from Jorona Resort FB Page

Jorona Aquatic Resources and Mountain Beach Resort is located at Brgy Adecor, Sitio Tambang, Kaputian District, Samal.

Tel. Nos. 284-4994 / 234-0238

Mobile: 0918-299-1250


All Purpose

Have you ever experienced being at the right place at the right time whether to help or just to be spared from harm?

Were you just lucky or is there something more?

Do you believe in angels?

“You’re timing is just perfect!” so I’ve been told countless of times. I was there when a friend got his car hit and does not know how to decline the offer to settle. I do not know how to decline an offer either, but my presence was a moral booster, y’know.

I was there when a friend needed someone to do some serious talking with her husband. Just to be clear, it was not I who did the talking  — it was my husband. We were there however because I decided to come late. It was late and yet our timing was perfect.

I was there when he was about to be tempted, not just once but for a couple of times actually. Looking back, it caused fights but thinking about it now, if I was not there he might have folded and gave in.

Who would even thought that being late may spare one from harm? Just because I took time to prepare for a night out and thus causing delay to our friends, one got to find out her car brakes were busted. Had I went to the meeting up place as scheduled, she may have drove it fast like she used to and it would be late for her to know that her brakes were defective.

Now, was I there because I just happen to be there? or something more?

When I was young, I used to pray “Angel of God” before going to bed. Then I grew up and thought that angels were not real or if they are indeed real, they just look after the kids. Now, I do believe in angels. I do not know what they look like but I choose to believe in them just like how I believe in God.

Paulo Coelho’s “Valkyries” reminded me of them. The book which was based on his journey to see his angel made me realize that there is no such thing as coincidence — we happen to be at a certain place at a particular time simply because we are actually meant to be there.

We took the usual route from Kumalarang just because I refuse to get home that fast which led us to see our friend with her car (which was hit) on the side of the road. We dropped by a friend’s house so late at night and when after people had left because I felt the urge to be there even after I declined the invitation and because of it our husbands got into some serious talk. I happen to follow my husband, who was my boyfriend at that time, because a voice says so and I happen to know where to find him despite the odds. I took time to prepare for a night out just because it felt that it was the right thing to do and it was! Of all those instances, I was not there just because I want to but because I was actually meant to be there! These things were little miracles —  maybe not for me but for the people we have touched and I am glad to be God’s instrument.

So the next time you encounter delay or felt the urge to take a different route (to work or home), PRAY. Your guardian angel might be telling you something so you can be safe or perhaps save someone else.





31 Days 4 Hours 15 Minutes

31 Days 4 Hours 15 Minutes

LxATo My Husband:

Today marks the first month of our special union as husband and wife (in case you forgot.. haha). It took me almost a month to process everything and allow the thought to sink in — “YES, I AM ALREADY MARRIED”. It just felt so great to know that you are and will be spending the rest of your life with the person who you not only love but is also your friend.

Yes, our few days of being married may not be that magical as I thought it would be. We lost a dear loved one just days after we tied the knot. I have yet to process the idea that I am already tied for life and a new event came along. It was such a sad event and I could not be thankful enough that you were there to support not just me but the entire family. THANKS.

After everything, I got the chance to process everything and I am very much grateful to wake up everyday knowing that I am YOUR WIFE.

Hunny, I may not be able to do all my wife duties yet but I am trying. Please do not be hard on me. 🙂

I love you more than words can say.


Your Wife